Chanco Trinh Guest Dharma Teacher


We are delighted to welcome Senior Dharma Teacher Chanco Trinh to Midwest Moon Mindfulness as we wrap up a year long celebration of “Deepening Our Practice” and COMMEMORATE TEN YEARS of being together.

Thich Nhat Hanh Vietnam

SATURDAY, NOV 11, 2023




“Answers from the Heart — What is a Sangha”

Senior Dharma Teacher Chan Co Trin  will join us via zoom during our regular Saturday sangha Saturday November 11 at 9am.  Chan Co is one of the first ordained Lay Leaders of Thay’s Order of Interbeing.  He is Founder and Director of Maple Village Retreat Center in Quebec, and has provided “weekends of mindfulness” to our sangha over the years.  He is a well known and entertaining speaker, a long time student of the Dharma, and freely shares a sharpened wisdom.  He leads retreats worldwide.

Dana or generosity for Chan Co Trin can be sent to:

Société Bouddhique Les Erables

Meditation practice center in the Plum Village tradition


Sangha Is The Key

"It is difficult to make change alone. In the Sangha--the community of people who share the path of spiritual practice--there is a powerful collective energy of mindfulness and concentration. It cam help us make a breakthrough; it ignites our insight.