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Meditation on Peace of Mind







Breathing in, I am aware of my whole body.

Breathing out, I aware of my whole body.

Breathing in, I can calm my body.

Breathing out, my body is calm.

Breathing in, calm is my body,

Breathing out, calm brings peace into my body.


Breathing in, I am aware that I have a body

Breathing out, I know I am more than just my body.

Breathing in, I know my body is here and now.

Breathing in, I bring peace to my body,’


Every cell, tissue, organ, limb and thought and feeling\

Breathing in, I bring peace and calm to my body.

Breathing out, I release the tension in every part of my body.

Breathing in, I calm my mind.

Breathing out, I calm my feelings and my emotions.

Breathing in , I am aware.


Breathing out, I am relaxed.


\\ I have arrived; I am home.


I am in this present moment.

I am at home in the here and now.

Breathing in, I have arrived at the still point.

Breathing out, I radiate calm and peace.


I am joy while breathing in, joy while breathing.

I am happiness while breathing out, happy while breathing out.

Joy while breathing; joy is the breathing; happy is my breathing;

Happiness and joy are mine for the taking.



I allow my body and my mind to relax, breathing in, breathing out.

I am aware of the chair and floor and cushions supporting my body, breathing in, out.

I allow my body to sink into the supportive floor beneath me.

Breathing in, breathing out.

Breathing in, I experience joy.

Breathing out, I have happiness.

Breathing in, I am aware of my abdomen rising.

Breathing out, I do not push the air out but simply rather breathe out.


Breathing in, bring your awareness to your eyes.  Breathing out,

Allow your eyes to relax.  Allow your eyes to sink back into your head, letting go

Of every tension in every muscle around your eyes.

Breathing in see the paradise of colors and shapes, some known, some unknown, sending love and gratitude to your eyes for seeing, for believing, for being here in this moment.

Breathing in, allow your eyes to rest.

Breathing out, your eyes resting on love and gratitude

Joy and happiness to your eyes.


Breathing in, bring your awareness to your mouth, Breathing out,

allow your mouth to relax.  Allow your mouth to release the tension around every muscle that brings you to a smile.

Breathing in, your lips are the petal of a flower.

Let a gentle smile bloom on your lips.

Breathing in, remember that one small smile releases the tension in at least ten muscles in your face.

Breathing out, remember that you are a flower blooming.


Breathing in , bring your awareness to your shoulders. Breathing out,

Allow your shoulders to relax comfortably.  Let them sink to the floor or cushion supporting you.

Let all the accumulated tension you have stored in your shoulders be released slowly onto the floor,

Flowing away as your breathing in, breathing out can let go of those tensions.

Feel the tension in your neck and shoulders go out of your body, released by your mind,

Released by your breathing in, breathing out.


Breathing in, become aware of your arms at your sides, and breathing out,

Relax them both, allowing your arms to sink into the support beaneath you, your upper arms, your elbows, your forearms and wrists no longer holding the tension you brought with you, as you breathe in, breathe out, breathing in, joy.  Move your fingers a little as you breathe, relaxing.

Breathing out, happiness.


Breathing in, bring your awareness to your heart, breathing out,

Allow your chest to open and your heart to expand and relax.  Let a gentle heart acknowledge

How you have ignored the needs of your heart, in the way you work, eat, and manage anxiety and stress.  Breathing in, embrace your heart with mindfulness and tenderness.

Breathing out, feel your heart beating day in day out eagerly and consistently,

Bringing life to you.

Breathing in, embrace your heart and reconcile any stress that you feel.

Breathing out, be aware of your heart’s miraculous capacity for love,

And take care of your heart, self, and soul, your breath

Bringing good fresh air to your lungs, your heart, your body and mind.


Breathing in, be aware of your gut, the furnace that keeps you going, and

Breathing out, vow to take better care of your body by mindfully giving it good nutritious fuel,

By carefully monitoring what you eat and how you exercise.

Breathing in, be aware of the sensations in your tummy, in your pelvic area, in your digestive system, and breathing out, relax and suspend any anxious thoughts until you can no longer feel any tension.

\breathe in, breathe out. Focus on your tensions leaving your body.

Know that you have more nerve endings in your gut than all of your head and brain.

Breathe for each nerve, breathe in the peace of the universe,

Breathe out the stress and tension of daily life and accumulated trauma.


Breathing in, be aware of your lower extremities, your thighs, legs, knees, calves, and ankles,

All the joints and mechanisms of moving about.  Thank your sitting muscles, your standing muscles, your volition itself, thank your tendons for guiding you and connecting you.

Breathing out, release all the tension in first your thighs inside and out, then your legs and knees.

Thank your knees for supporting you all this time, and allow your entire lower body to sink deeper into the cushions supporting you.

Breathing in, let go of the tension in the backs of your legs,

Breathing out, rotate or move your ankles in thankfulness for a working body.


Breathing in, feel the tightness in your ankles and feet.

Breathing out, give thanks for all the tiny bones and muscles that give you firm footing on the gracious earth.

Breathing in, send love and thankfulness to each of your toes

Breathing out, let go of any hesitation in moving forward,

Let go of all obstacles.


Breathing in, feel your whole body get lighter, like a lily floating on the water.

Breathing out, know you have nothing to do, nowhere to go, you are home and you have arrived.

Breathing in, allow your mind to float freely as the wind carries the seeds of change.

You are a cloud in the sky.

You are a flower in bloom.

You are a lotus unfolding.

You are a wave on the ocean rolling and shifting in the sunlight.

You are the water ever changing.


Breathing in, bring your awareness to your breathing… to your abdomen  rising and falling.

Breathing out, follow each breath in and out, in out , in joy and precision,

Just as it is, not forced, not strained, just in, just out.


Breathing in, I feel joy.

Breathing out,I smile to the joy in myself

Breathing in, I feel happy.

Breathing out, I smile to the feeling of happiness in myself.

Breathing in I am aware of painful feelings, anger, fear, disappointment, sadness.

Breathing out, I release and calm my painful feelings.

Breathing in, allow peace to come,

Breathing out, embrace each painful feeling as it may arise within you,

Breathing in that same feeling, and breathing out that same feeing,

As part of you, the feeling simply is:  acknowledge it and embrace it.

And with your breath, let it go.


Breathing in, I relieve myself of suffering.

Breathing out, I welcome nourishment and healing for me and all beings.

Breathing in, I maintain my mindfulness of the here and now.

Breathing out, my mindfulness is full of concentration and insight


Breathing in, I know this is an in breath.

Breathing out, I know this is an out breath.

Breathing in, breathing out.

I follow my in breath from the beginning to the end.

Breathing out, I follow my outbreath from the beginning to the end.

I realize I am a living being, a reality, not separate from the air I breath, the water I drink, the food I eat,

The friends I have, the enemies I allege, that all is connected, me to everything

And everything to me.


Around me are the trees, sunshine, flowers, and blue sky, and I am part of all of this.

Happiness is not made of money fame or success, happiness is contentment with being who we are at this present moment.

Breathing in , I touch the reality that I am alive.

Breathing out, I concentrate on this present moment, I liberate my body and my mind,

and I acknowledge my impermanence.


Breathing in, I can go back any time I wish

To this island within myself and find peace.

I can find the connection to every other living thing.

I can relax in the shade of beautifully green trees within this island;

I can drink of the cool refreshing streams of pure water,

I can listen to the birds, feel the sunshine on my face, and breath the fresh air.

Breathing out, I feel safe.


Sangha Is The Key

"It is difficult to make change alone. In the Sangha--the community of people who share the path of spiritual practice--there is a powerful collective energy of mindfulness and concentration. It cam help us make a breakthrough; it ignites our insight.