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mindfulness bellIn the spirit of “Engaged Buddhism,” our beloved community offers many beneficial opportunities to bring Thay’s mindful teachings and loving practice into our daily lives. Many Bodhisattvas make these  sharings possible and the PlantingSeeds Foundation helps to make them even more accessible. 


New Sangha Practice Book

Sangha Handbook


Video Links

new.livestream (Blue Cliff and Plum Village)

www.livestream (Blue Cliff and Plum village)

vimeo (Plumvillage online)

vimeo (Blue Cliff)

vimeo (Upper Hamlet Brothers)


Audio Links

Blue Cliff Podcast

Deer Park Podcast

Sound Cloud (Touching the Earth)

Sound Cloud (Blue Cliff Music)


Plum Village practice centers

Plum Village Monastery

Deer Park Monastery

Magnolia Grove Monastery

European Institute of Applied Buddhism

Asian Institute of Applied Buddhism

La Maison de l’Inspir (Paris)


Other resources

Mindfulness Bell (US publication and Sangha Directory)

Parallax press (Publishing Thay Thich Nhat Hanh’s books)

Facebook Link (Blue Cliff)

Order of Interbeing (US)

Community of Interbeing (UK)



Sangha Is The Key

"It is difficult to make change alone. In the Sangha--the community of people who share the path of spiritual practice--there is a powerful collective energy of mindfulness and concentration. It cam help us make a breakthrough; it ignites our insight.